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An Intranet is the local network run within a house or
small business network. All modern systems need a hub
or switch. Both normally incorporate a router (modem)
which provided access to the World Wide Web (www)
otherwise known as the Internet. Switches are faster as
they can carry several connections at the same time.

Most systems are based on a peer to peer network
where each computer can access any of the others. A
server based system includes a computer dedicated as a
central data store for the remaining PCs. It would
normally have most of the other services attached such
as network printers. More expensive printers can be
plugged directly into the Intranet.

The most important part of any network apart from the
connections is security. Each network PC should have its
own security in the form of a firewall, anti-virus

In addition it is normal practise to provide security at the
modem in the form of a firewall. Put simply the address
of the router is different from the individual components
on the Intranet.

If you have a problem or would like advice on the best
option to suit your needs, please contact us, preferably
before you discover you have been the subject of a virus
attack. It is much cheaper to prevent than to cure. .

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